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Do you know the best places to fly paragliding in Santander Colombia?


Fecha: 3/13/2022

If you give yourself the opportunity to do paragliding in Santander and even more in the Chicamocha canyon, with the majesty of the landscape, you will be amazed that you like flying more than being on dry land. So if you want adventure, with this paragliding experience you will potentially have in high doses. Thanks to the warm currents of the region it can be made at any time of the year. There are also many places such as the Chicamocha canyon, Curití, Mesa de Ruitoque or the Mesa de los Santos where you can practice this extreme sport. It’s definitely the biggest gift you can take from this place.

Paragliding in the Chicamocha Canyon, a place with the best two views. 

This is the place where you can make one of the most impressive paragliding flights due to the place and the conditions, a mountain of 1200 meters of difference from the river Chicamocha (1740 m.s.n.m) where you can reach a height of 3.000 m.s.n.m in optimal conditions, flying over the second deepest gun in the world, for twenty to thirty minutes depending on weather conditions and passenger comfort. All this is possible to perform from 10 in the morning and maximum 12:30 in the afternoon because it is a thermal flight that works with the heat layers and not with the air currents. The drafts are so strong in the afternoon that for safety it is not possible to fly, but it is all the decision of the pilot depending on the weather conditions.

For your safety, when you make the decision to jump into this great paragliding experience in Santander, take into account the following information: Paragliding Chicamocha, is a Santander club that has more than 10 years of experience, with pilots certified by FEDEAEREOS. This is a tandem flight where you will always be accompanied by the pilot, you just have to enjoy the incredible landscapes, the air in your face and the sky at your feet, living what it means to fly. In the same way flight equipment is of high quality and technology. In addition, each user is protected by an insurance policy. For us safety and confidence are the most important aspects when choosing paragliding in Santander.
How to get to the paragliding flight site in Chicamocha Canyon?

The flight site is located in the municipality of Aratoca, in a sidewalk called San Pedro, sector Chiflas, located at kilometer 35 via San Gil- Bucaramanga and kilometer 65 Bucaramanga- San Gil, having as a reference point the restaurant Chiflas. When you are there, at 400 meters you will find the entrance that leads to the place of flight by the main road. Something very important is that any type of vehicle can enter and if you travel by bus you can stay in Chiflas and the company transport brings you closer to the flight site. In addition Parapente Chicamocha has two offices that can provide you according to your needs, one in San Gil and the other in the National Park of Chicamocha.
If you travel by public transport you can take it from San Gil or from Bucaramanga, the buses are leaving frequently, with a value of approximately $15,000 per person and will take you to the mentioned site known as Chiflas.

PANACHI Office for paragliding Chicamocha 

Parapente Chicamocha has an office in the Chicamocha National Park, next to the main ticket office. This gives you the facility to get there and from there find the transport that brings you to the place of flight in the Canyon of the Chicamocha, and then if you want to continue your adventure in Panachi, you can pay the entrance to the place which is an extra service to the paragliding plan.

This option also allows you to reach Mesa de los Santos through the cable car of the Chicamocha National Park and cross the Canyon to the Chicamocha paragliding office. Do not forget that the cable car tour is approximately 40 minutes and the flight schedule is limited, so organize your schedule and so you will not have any setbacks. If you choose to arrive at this office you will find transportation from Bucaramanga, San Gil and in the same way for the return in the Chicamocha National Park are located the transportation offices for either of the two destinations.

San Gil Parapente Chicamocha Office
Parapente Chicamocha also has an office in the municipality of San Gil, located at Carrera 10 #8-33, San Gil, Santander, which offers the possibility of taking the company’s transportation or guiding you with them to the flight site. This option is highly requested by foreigners who are staying or traveling through San Gil, for cultural exchange activities offered by the company some days of the week. 

Where’s the landing site on the Chicamocha Canyon flight?

The landing can change; if you gain good altitude you reach the same site or else there are two different options: terrify on the banks of the river or next to the Chicamocha National Park, From there the transport of the company of Parapente Chicamocha returns them to the initial site.

Should I book a flight in Chicamocha Canyon?

 It is important to book two days in advance, especially in high season, due to the flight schedule so limited by weather conditions.

Photos and videos during the paragliding flight?

Parapente Chicamocha takes photographs in the flight of the canyon at takeoff and landing. The photographs will be downloaded from the Chicamocha paragliding page of facebook and without any additional cost, if you authorize them to photograph you. If you want the Go-pro camera video, you just need to apply to the guys on the ground and pay the extra value.

 Are there pilots who speak English?

Many of them are fluent in English. However Parapente Chicamocha has a person who serves as a guide and translator during the experience.

Flight Las Vueltas Curití

This paragliding flight place is close to San Gil, Santander, approximately 30 minutes away and located in the high Palo Blanco sidewalk of the municipality of Curití, on a slope of 200 meters. Now, the difference of the flight in the Chicamocha canyon is that it takes place in the afternoon from 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm and where you fly over the slope between 10 and 12 minutes. It is a good experience where you can see the Canyon from the horizon along with the typical crops of Santander such as tobacco. Santander has the adventure framed in majestic landscapes, living it is your only option do not stay looking and venture to Santander. 

How to get to the place of flight in Curití? 

From Bucaramanga you must reach the toll, from there about 200 meters in the right direction is the entrance to the track that leads to the flight site called the turns, approximately 2 kilometers.
From San Gil to reach the flight site you must first reach the entrance mentioned above, which is by the main road, about 20 minutes before arriving at the toll and after the main entrance to the municipality of Curití, in the left direction. From there it is about 2 kilometers. It is important to mention that the company offers transport from San Gil or from the entrance mentioned if you do not have transport, but if it is necessary to inform in advance. 

If you travel by public transport you can take it from San Gil or from Bucaramanga, the buses are leaving frequently, with a value of approximately $15,000 from Bucaramanga and $5,000 from San Gil per person and arriving at the aforementioned site at the main entrance. 

Parapente Mesa de Ruitoque

Just 10 minutes from Bucaramanga is located the Mesa de Ruitoque, where paragliding takes place. There you will be able to visualize the metropolitan area of Bucaramanga with the company of beautiful sunsets and great experts that will make flying a great experience.

How to get to the Mesa de Ruitoque?

The flight site known as the Voladero las Águilas de Ruitoque, is a kilometer 2 of the Mesa de Ruitoque road, Floridablanca, where you can get in your vehicle or if you need public transport passes a route through Floridablanca and Girón of the company Flotax, which says "Ruitoque Alto" and passes in front of the flight site. In the same way from Bucaramanga you can get to the Voladero las Águilas taking the bus of the Cachira fleet that is located in the race 22 and that says "Ruitoque".

On site you will find a company with more than 15 years of experience. Therefore, the flight is performed by pilots with the certification of FEDEAEREOS, also using technology and quality equipment. It is important to mention that each client is backed by an insurance policy and the guarantee of being one of the best experiences lived. 

What is the flight schedule at Mesa de Ruitoque?

Paragliding flight schedules are as follows: weekends from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm and Monday to Friday from 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm depending on weather conditions and the decision of the pilot who for safety is the one who finally decides. Santander is an adventure department, its geography and landscapes make a constant invitation to get lost in the emotions that challenge each extreme sport and in this case in Paragliding where we will take into account the following information:

What rules and regulations exist when you want to paraglide?
Minimum weight for children is 30 kilos.
Maximum weight to fly 110. Don't fly drunk.
Do not fly during pregnancy.
Do not fly with spinal problems.
Do not fly if you have an extremely uncontrollable phobia to heights.
Do not fly with heart problems.
Do not fly with recent injuries or surgeries.
No flying with jewelry. It is required to fill out the health statement and data for the insurer.
Only enter the authorized personal track. Fly with comfortable clothes and closed shoes.
Keep in mind that the area is rural, it is important to use repellent, blocker and other measures that you consider necessary.
It can only fly people by pilot.
The flight shift depends on the weight of the pilot and yours, varying according to weather conditions.

What is the departure order at the place of flight?

The time of arrival does not define the flight departure shift, everything depends on the weather conditions, the weight of the passenger and the pilot. The people on the track are the ones who make the exit decision taking into account the above reasons.
Santander is the accomplice department of extreme sports. Come and fulfill the dream of flying and with experts you will have an unforgettable experience.